M3K Reader

M3K Reader


M3K Reader


Operating voltage DC: 12V卤10%

Operating current: 100mA

Dimensions: 120mm×78mm×22mm

Weight: 110g

Ambient temperature: -10°C—70°C

Relative humidity: 20%—80%

Storage: 1000 users

Card type (alternative): EM(ID) card(IC card for option)

Card reading distance: 1-15CM

LED and buzzer indicates :

Two-color LED: red and green:

NO Led State Access control status

1 light red once every 1 sec (Slow flash) Holding state

2 light red, N.O. Programming state

3 light green within Open time Unlocking state

4 light green once every 0.3sec (Fast flash) Pending further action

Built-in buzzer


Standalone Reader Description Status :

*Metal Case 1 short buzz Valid input

3 short buzz Invalid input

1 long buzz Program success

Continuous long buzz Restoring factory programming passwords

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